Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Hunt

When you begin working out during the month of February at 7pm good luck getting a spot!!! I love working out at Ten Fitness but man does it get crouded around 7 in the evening. I feel like I am hunting out the right spot. I have found some spots have too many distractions and actually cut into my good mood while working out and other spots are perfect. I like to zone out while working out and I really like to just get inside my head and knock out the world. I was on the Tred Mill when I saw one of my favorite spots and 1 of 3 elipticals without the arm things come open. I had 8 minutes left on the Tred mill and kept praying please stay open. Please stay open. I felt like I would attack anyone who got on that Eliptical. I wanted it but I wanted to finish my 8 minutes of tred mill. When I had 10 seconds left I stopped the Tred mill, Ran to get the spray and paper towel, Ran back to clean my machine and ran as quickly as I could to the Eliptical. I made it!I was too excited about getting up on the top of the bleacher section of machines. You basicly look out on the building and there are less distractions up there. I finished the workout very happy!!!! Got my 60 of Cardio and some wonderful stretches. I can touch my toes and it felt great!!!!
happy Hunting to all of you and a great workout!!!