Monday, March 14, 2011

Falling off the face of the Earth!

Ok so it has been forever since I blogged and it has been even longer since things were normal in my life. That is what life is about right... Curve balls! I got sick and was under the weather for it seemed a week. Got a steroid shot, got a z-pack, got some Tylenol 3 and then it took the full 5 days to feel human. Next my daughter gets sick and we take her to the doctor and she has strep but this strep is not like normal strep but more like the flu with high fever and body aches and throwing up! My Daughter got sick the Sunday before last Monday. And of course then came my wonderful son to join in the crowd of sick children. He gets sick on Tuesday and we are called to pick him up over a sore throat but no fever. We take him in to get it checked and what do you know....Strep! So the kids were out all last week and I and my husband have hardly slept trying to get meds in during the wee hours of the morning and trying to help clean up throw up in the middle of the night and so on. So honestly two weeks down and here it is a Monday and my son is still sick and running fever. Last night another long night. The only thing I have been doing right is moving as much as I can at home and eating right. Yesterday morning I checked my weight and I had last week also (last Sunday I was back up to 240) and yesterday was still at 240 and then my stomach pulled a crazy on me again and right now I am down to 230. Who knows for how long. The actual weight has not been a concern though for me. Right now it is how I feel and fit in clothes. The clothes have gotten a little big recently and size 24 is getting loose and size 22's are a tiny bit snug in the waist but are fitting well. So I am excited about the feel of what I am wearing.
I have also had back issues which I can not go into how I strained my back but I did about 3 weeks ago which was on the route to healing because I was doing my back exercises and I was walking which was great for it. I almost have it better and thats when I get sick and that is when I can no longer get out and walk or exercise because it feels like I have the flu! So last week during the kids being sick my back feels like it is going to die and it feels like a pinched nerve and my back exercises are doing nothing so I call the doc. and he calls me in some medicine for my back. My back is not feeling much better. Now if I can just get my man healthy and some sleep It think the morning workouts will start back and it will rock! Until then many prayers needed and appreciated! Love you guys and wishing you all well!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Hunt

When you begin working out during the month of February at 7pm good luck getting a spot!!! I love working out at Ten Fitness but man does it get crouded around 7 in the evening. I feel like I am hunting out the right spot. I have found some spots have too many distractions and actually cut into my good mood while working out and other spots are perfect. I like to zone out while working out and I really like to just get inside my head and knock out the world. I was on the Tred Mill when I saw one of my favorite spots and 1 of 3 elipticals without the arm things come open. I had 8 minutes left on the Tred mill and kept praying please stay open. Please stay open. I felt like I would attack anyone who got on that Eliptical. I wanted it but I wanted to finish my 8 minutes of tred mill. When I had 10 seconds left I stopped the Tred mill, Ran to get the spray and paper towel, Ran back to clean my machine and ran as quickly as I could to the Eliptical. I made it!I was too excited about getting up on the top of the bleacher section of machines. You basicly look out on the building and there are less distractions up there. I finished the workout very happy!!!! Got my 60 of Cardio and some wonderful stretches. I can touch my toes and it felt great!!!!
happy Hunting to all of you and a great workout!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Old and New

Week 1-23 1-30 In review

Had a bad week in so many ways! I felt like I had Mono for a whole week. Went to Doctors and had blood work done but nothing came up. About 4 years ago I was told I had a vitamin b deficiency...I quit taking my vitamin b when I ran out because I thought hey that was then but this is now. The Doctor did not test this so I thought maybe that will fix my problem and started taking vitamin b again. Still struggled to do much as far as how I felt all I wanted to do was sleep. I went to bed about 8 every night and slept until 7 every night. I was so tired.
Last week I spoke with my coach and we thought I was definitely taking in to little calories. I was working very hard and only taking in about 1,200 on days when I was working out and 900 on days I was not working out. We recalculated and I started taking in 1,200 on days I was not working out this week and a few days this week I think I took in more. I literally took a week off.
I suffer from IBS and yesterday my stomach went crazy!!!! I thought I was going to die. I weighed myself yesterday before all the crazy stomach trouble and was still at 251 pounds. This morning I weighed myself and thought my scale was broke. I weighed... 237 pounds. That would be a 14 pounds loss from last week. This is crazy I thought. I went through my closet today and weeded out all the to big pants and tried on clothes that I wore at my heaviest point! Here is a pic of my pants from last Easter at one of my heaviest points!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bad Week?

I haven't had the best of weeks this week. I did not reach all of my goals when I came down with some sort of bug that left me absolutely tired and worn out and running a fever in the evenings. I had a great start to the week and my food intake goals and workout goals at the beginning of the week were met. The end of the week when I started feeling sick not so much. I did lose a pound which compared to last week seems so small but I guess that is better than gaining. I have had some wonderful friends motivating me at school and at work. Myfitnesspal has also been very helpful. I hoping that I will feel great tomorrow and back to my old energized self. It is so weird to think that the only time I really do not want to stick to my good eating habits is when I am worn out and tired. Tired and food are not my friends. I will have to figure out how to fix that. I am keeping the same goals as last week and hopefully this time I will meet my goals.I do love that I have been able to go shopping in my old clothes for stuff to fit. So much fun getting into old clothes I used to love! Thanks to everyone for your support and hope everyone has a great week! Will try and post soon!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week in Review

The week was a good one. I went ahead and weighed in on my old weigh in day and lost 3 pounds but I went ahead and weighed in today since this will be my new weigh in day and I still am down 3 pounds. I am currently at 252. I ended up changing the days I worked out due to changes in my schedule. I had to take Friday night off which in a 4 day workout schedule back to back was rather nice to have a break in the middle. I think that that my body needs 2 days on, one off, and 2 days on. I am thinking my one off will become the day I do some weight training.
Last night's workout I started with the elliptical trainer for 35 minutes then moved to the treadmill where I was able to work harder than in times past. I did 30 minutes at 3.0 to 3.4 and averaged 3.2. My legs when I first started felt like 3.0 was almost running. Now I can walk nicely at 3.0 which is nice. I am looking forward to being able to add incline and running soon to my workouts.
The Second day is always much harder than the first day for me. I hope this changes soon. The first day is always such a rush! The workouts are going nicely and the food choices are seem to be coming pretty easy. The morning breakfast thing not so easy. I have been eating breakfast but it still makes me queasy. I hope this changes soon too!
Is it normal for your body to need more rest when working out like this? I can not function on as little sleep as I was before I started working out but the alertness I feel from the workouts is great! Will let you know my new goals for this week later! I have a meeting with my coach this afternoon! Off to get ready for my 4th workout of the week! Thanks for your support guys! Oh and feel free to post! I love hearing from anyone!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Weigh in for 1-13-11

So excited as I saw the scale had gone down 3 pounds. My next weigh in is Scheduled for Sunday. My coach and I are going to make this a Sunday to Sunday thing with our Coaching so it was nice to know I was on the right track. I weighed 252 this morning and that means 97 more pounds to lose! Woooo HOOOO! Back to the gym tonight and looking forward to the workout! Have a great day Y'all!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Work Out and Weigh in Tomorrow

Ok...So I tried a new workout tonight because I was getting board and I loved it! I did 30 minutes on the tread mill starting 2.7 for about 5 minutes and then 2.8 for a few minutes then 3 for about 15 minutes and 3.2 for the rest. Then I quickly wiped down the machine and ran up to the elliptical trainers and did that for 30 minutes. I am starting to notice that my legs are starting to move faster and feel better now at higher speeds. I hope to soon be able to also adjust my incline for the tread mill. I played with the incline on the elliptical staring out at 10 then going down slowly towards 1. I will get there some day! It was a wonderful change of pace and I loved it!
Tomorrow is the big weigh in and then I change my weigh in to Sundays. Hope this goes well! Night yall!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


OK did the Zumba video I posted and was going to try to do 3 times. Did once and several times had to take it down to marching in place. That was one tough routine. But I got most of the Choreography, just had trouble with the jumping up and down and girls definitely need a better sports bra for that workout! Definitely sweating but soooooo much fun! Love it!

What I am following and Like

This is my coach's blog and she has awesome recipes and great ideas to help keep you motivated:
My Friend and College Buddy has an Inspirational Blog where he posts his goals and is now 4 pounds away from reaching his 100 pound weight loss goal.
Here is the Zumba I am going to tryout today that looks like so much fun!
I also use myfitnesspal to track calories on my iphone as well as log my workouts and calories burned and my weight loss!
When working out at the gym I love using Pandora Radio to have music I like constantly playing!
Hope this helps someone!

Baby Got Back

I was working on cleaning and had the t.v. on and baby got back came on the show and I think I gave Cameron Diaz a run for her money. I have always loved the scene in Charlie's Angels where she is Dancing around the house.
Doing a little cleaning while stuck at home during snow and doing some research on Zumba and how I can take classes. Going to try a Youtube video that is 10minutes long this afternoon while kids are napping upstairs. I plan on playing it 3 times! I have a way to hook my ipad to the TV and play youtube! So excited! Looks like so much fun. Going to look into local classes. T
Trying to get myself going on eating more in the morning and less at night. I had a bowl of Oatmeal cooked for Breakfast with a packet of Splenda and 5 dried Cherries. I feel great but am worried that I might not make my goal weight loss for this week. I am discouraged about the weight but so encouraged that I can feel my legs becoming more cut and my energy levels increasing. I have cut out all regular types of cokes and am only on Diet drinks right now but thinking about cutting them out all together because I do feel like I am retaining water.
I am very excited about this weeks goals! Here they are!
Sunday 1-9-11-Sunday 1-15-11
-Move my supplements to be next to sink in Kitchen to better remember to take them as well as set an update on my iphone to take them as reminder
-Look up zumba and yoga stretches and try some this week
-drink 3 bottles of water a day
-log all calories and workout on and be under 1,300 calories each day
-work out four times this week for 60 minutes (cardio)
-Try new Stretches this week and do at least 3 days of stretching
-Look up breakfast recipes and try eating more in morning and less at night
-Plan breakfast ahead of time and eat daily
-lose at least 1 pound by Sunday and be at 254
So excited! Keep on Trucking you guys!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

To Stamp or Not to Stamp???

Was getting to have one of my great workouts but decided to fill up my awesome camel back water bottle first when I saw the funniest thing ever. I was waiting for my turn to get water when the girl in front bent over and on the back of her work out pants was a tramp stamp. The tramp stamp was not on her back which I might have thought was cute but the tramp stamp was on her pants. Yes folks...her pants. It was not a word like you see on most pants like juicy or pink it was a graphic tramp stamp. I must say...really? I think I have seen everything now!
Workout was killer and my usual 1 hour of cardio. Had a great time listening to my Pandora on my iphone. The greatest thing is my iphone arm holder! There are just so many cool things out there now for working out. Totally makes the workout more of a funout! Can I say that... Funout?! The best part is the high after the workout! Totally love the after math! Keep it rocking yall!

Weigh in and Week 2

Ok...weighed in and am happy to say that even with all my being bad last week (and my myfitnesspal app on my cell phone said I was bad,)I was able to maintain my weight. The working out definitely paid off during the crazy holidays. So I am still at 255.
Weight 255
Goals: work out Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday for an hour of cardio
Stretch out more
drink 3 bottles of water every day
eat less than 1,300 calories and log everything down, including cardio, in my myfitnesspal app on my iphone
Take supplements (D, Centrum, B)
and loose at least 1 pound by next Thursdays weigh in.
Ok guys! Here we go!
Now that we are past the holidays.... GAME ON!!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Party Lasted Too Long!

Being on the road for New Years this past year and having a Sugar Bowl party right afterwards left me wanting to do nothing but sleep which made me want to do nothing but eat. Funny how sleep deprivation seems to think it can be cured by eating.
I enjoyed my first night back at the gym. My new Merrells were awesome tonight and my hour of cardio was just what I needed after a long day of teaching. It made me feel great. I just wish I would have gotten to the gym sooner. Well as the saying goes.... better later than never! Hope Everyone had a great New Year Party and hope you were better behaved than I was! Weigh in tomorrow. I am dreading it but at least it will let me know where I need to start. I just hope I did not gain to much during the party season. Night Yall!