Monday, March 14, 2011

Falling off the face of the Earth!

Ok so it has been forever since I blogged and it has been even longer since things were normal in my life. That is what life is about right... Curve balls! I got sick and was under the weather for it seemed a week. Got a steroid shot, got a z-pack, got some Tylenol 3 and then it took the full 5 days to feel human. Next my daughter gets sick and we take her to the doctor and she has strep but this strep is not like normal strep but more like the flu with high fever and body aches and throwing up! My Daughter got sick the Sunday before last Monday. And of course then came my wonderful son to join in the crowd of sick children. He gets sick on Tuesday and we are called to pick him up over a sore throat but no fever. We take him in to get it checked and what do you know....Strep! So the kids were out all last week and I and my husband have hardly slept trying to get meds in during the wee hours of the morning and trying to help clean up throw up in the middle of the night and so on. So honestly two weeks down and here it is a Monday and my son is still sick and running fever. Last night another long night. The only thing I have been doing right is moving as much as I can at home and eating right. Yesterday morning I checked my weight and I had last week also (last Sunday I was back up to 240) and yesterday was still at 240 and then my stomach pulled a crazy on me again and right now I am down to 230. Who knows for how long. The actual weight has not been a concern though for me. Right now it is how I feel and fit in clothes. The clothes have gotten a little big recently and size 24 is getting loose and size 22's are a tiny bit snug in the waist but are fitting well. So I am excited about the feel of what I am wearing.
I have also had back issues which I can not go into how I strained my back but I did about 3 weeks ago which was on the route to healing because I was doing my back exercises and I was walking which was great for it. I almost have it better and thats when I get sick and that is when I can no longer get out and walk or exercise because it feels like I have the flu! So last week during the kids being sick my back feels like it is going to die and it feels like a pinched nerve and my back exercises are doing nothing so I call the doc. and he calls me in some medicine for my back. My back is not feeling much better. Now if I can just get my man healthy and some sleep It think the morning workouts will start back and it will rock! Until then many prayers needed and appreciated! Love you guys and wishing you all well!