Thursday, January 6, 2011

To Stamp or Not to Stamp???

Was getting to have one of my great workouts but decided to fill up my awesome camel back water bottle first when I saw the funniest thing ever. I was waiting for my turn to get water when the girl in front bent over and on the back of her work out pants was a tramp stamp. The tramp stamp was not on her back which I might have thought was cute but the tramp stamp was on her pants. Yes folks...her pants. It was not a word like you see on most pants like juicy or pink it was a graphic tramp stamp. I must say...really? I think I have seen everything now!
Workout was killer and my usual 1 hour of cardio. Had a great time listening to my Pandora on my iphone. The greatest thing is my iphone arm holder! There are just so many cool things out there now for working out. Totally makes the workout more of a funout! Can I say that... Funout?! The best part is the high after the workout! Totally love the after math! Keep it rocking yall!

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