Thursday, August 2, 2012

Finally Back to working out after Bronchitis

Rolled out of bed this morning at 5:30am. I hit the alarm clock with dismay and then stumbled to fridge to get a thing of pudding and a banana. I know... Not Healthy. I had to grab something to get my head going and to make myself not want to crawl back in bed and want to pull the covers back over my head. Mind you I have a very comfortable Raulph Lauren Comforter that is just dreamy! I slowly get up and slide on a pair of tights a workout skirt and a roller derby shirt I acquired at a double header derby bout. My hair is already in braids so I just put a bandana on and socks and shoes and grab my keys and water bottle before heading out. First I hit the treadmill. Did the fat burning setting where it does some interval climbs and stay between 3.5 and 4.5 for 25 minutes and then hit the elliptical for another 20 minutes adjusting the resistance to 6 and then cooling down with stretches. Make it home to do 20 leg lifts out thigh on both sides. 20 leg lifts inner thigh both sides. 20 bridges, 25 old fashion sit ups, 20 cross to the other side opposite leg up crunches on both sides and 20 superman and then more stretches. So I did get back to something today but I can tell I am not where I should be. While there I asked if ten fitness had a punching bag and they said no and wanted to know if I was into boxing... I said no but was wondering. They looked at me as If I was crazy and then said why do you want a punching bag? I was just curious about doing some body blocking drills since I do roller derby so I thought I would ask. They looked at me as If I was insane and then said they had thought about it at one time but did not have one. Bummer I thought! well off to take the kiddos to registration. In my thoughts... if you can endure registration and deal with that mess and come out on top roller derby really should not be so bad!!!

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