Friday, August 10, 2012

First Derby Bout around the Corner and time to shape up!

Coming out of Bronchitis and still having issues with Coughing up my lungs and trying to breath and have energy was a hard thing to deal with last night during practice. The hardest thing for me is knowing when to stop and when to keep pushing. I know a good part of my problem is I have been off skates for over two and a half weeks which can really kill you on top of the coughing! I remember asking a coach/derby girl who is freaking amazing and a true athlete how to constantly improve your stamina and your ability in exercises and she said " when you get to the point where you feel you cant go any further you push yourself for 10 more or you push for 10 more seconds." So I have this ingrained in the back of my head as I head forward starting with my cross training that I am now deciding to begin and conquer to help me become stronger for the upcoming roller derby season. So I have set up a schedule and talked it through with various athletes and this is what I am going to try to start with. Schedule: monday: core in the AM, derby practice in the PM tuesday: light cardio wednesday: Cardio thursday: upper body and core in the AM, derby practice in the PM friday: day off saturday: practice skate for fun, core/upper body sunday: cardio Some links I have started using for exercises:" I started searching for things on Pinterest and have a cross-training board. This helps to motivate me! My first Bout that I may be playing in is September 1st. So keep your fingers and quads crossed that I can at least get a little stronger and definitely have more Stamina by then!
Oh and the pic is of me and Covalent Bondage. She is absolutely an inspiration to me in her workouts and work ethics!

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