Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back to working out!

What a funny night was last night as I headed back to the gym after a few days of trying to fight eating food that could only make me fatter at the in-laws. What a hard time deciding when to say no and when to give in a little. Last night at the gym I felt so silly having my I-phone strapped to my arm with short sleeves on. I could see the my chunky arm with the big elastic band attached. I kept telling myself... "no one will be worried about it but you and soon that arm will not be so big". My goal was to make it on the tread mill for an hour without any complications. I began walking at a pace of 2.5 miles per hour and every ten minutes upped the speed .2 miles per hour until I got to 3.2 miles per hour. I think at some point I jumped past the .2 miles every ten minutes. I jogged a little but was not sure if I was jogging or mainly bouncing a little more with my fast walk. My shortened legs from weight gain seemed to move much slower than they used to but I was happy they were moving at all.
As I was working out I could not help but look around and look at others working out. I tried to imagine what it felt like being in their bodies. I felt like I was window shopping for a new me but laughed as I saw a pair of young women working out that had come in and had matching pink on. One girl had her pink pants on and as she weight lifted popped big pink bubble gum bubbles while the other had on her matching pink shirt and took to the tread mill. It was rather cute. I felt like I was missing out on the fun. I still do not have anyone to work out with but I thought of going to the gym as going to the spa. My alone time! My quiet retreat away from everything in my life. It was absolutely wonderful! The only weird thing was as I stepped off the tread mill about 50 steps later the balls of my feet began to hurt. They felt like blisters forming on my feet! aghhhhh! Today however they feel much better but a little tender. I think maybe I will work out tonight on the bike... we will see! Off to grab my water and start looking for my workout clothes that will not chafe!
Starting weight as of this morning: 255
GOAL: Head to gym for an hour of Cardio Tuesday, Wednesday, THursday, Saturday
Drink 3 bottles of water a day
Take supplements
Begin working on stretches
log all food intake on
weigh in on Wednesdays!
Take Measurements on Next Wednesday

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