Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sound Track Makes The Difference

This morning was rather hard after working out last night! I had too many endorphins pumping last night to get to sleep at a good time and then wake up early in the morning and try to work out like I would like. I did note that the sound track of my workout is extremely important. I started working out to fast paced dance music which I normally love to dance to and workout to. The workout became to much "work" and I tried changing my music to the Tron Legacy sound track which surprisingly changed my work out to a creative time instead of just a workout. I ended up using my time to try shutting out all the distractions and concentrate on the feeling of the workout as well as the feelings racing through my body. I started dreaming of choreography for winter guard and creating other things such as paintings in my mind. Several times I found myself closing my eyes and just concentrating on the music and it's beauty. I guess if your sound track is wrong then the workout can truly be work! Glad I got my workout in before hitting the road today! Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!

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